What is Atlas.ti 7 and how to reach it?

ATLAS.ti is a computer program used mostly, but not exclusively, in qualitative research or qualitative data analysis. The purpose of ATLAS.ti is to help researchers uncover and systematically analyze complex phenomena hidden in unstructured data (text, multimedia, geospatial). The program provides tools that let the user locate, code, and annotate findings in primary data material, to weigh and evaluate their importance, and to visualize the often complex relations between them. ATLAS.ti consolidates large volumes of documents and keeps track of all notes, annotations, codes and memos in all fields that require close study and analysis of primary material consisting of text, images, audio, video, and geo data. In addition, it provides analytical and visualization tools designed to open new interpretative views on the material.

Features overview

  • Coding of text, image, audio and video materials (interactive and automated)
  • Rich text and Rich Media support with embedded active objects (MS Excel, images, etc., incl. East Asian and Middle Eastern language)
  • Word documents via “on-the-fly” RTF conversion.
  • Full native PDF Support (original layout) without conversion
  • Google Earth Geodata Integration
  • Text-to-media Synchronization
  • On-Board Transcription Engine
  • Shared editable documents including dynamic update of all projects
  • Interactive margin area with drag & drop linking, coding, merging
  • Full margin support for audio and video data
  • Multi-document view for constant comparisons
  • On-screen coding (drag & drop)
  • Search & retrieve functions (incl. Boolean, semantic, and proximity-based operators)
  • Visual model building and “mind mapping” using the Network Editor
  • Integrated visualizations: frequency bars in entity managers
  • Cloud tag view for codes
  • Creation and navigation of hyperlinks between resources (Hypertext)
  • Searching for textual patterns through documents and model entities (Object Crawler)
  • Automatic coding (search – select – code)
  • Proximity analysis of coded data (Concurrency Explorer)
  • Project data export to XML
  • Export to SPSS, HTML, CSV
  • Creation of presentations (XML/XSLT converter including style sheets)
  • Word frequency export to Excel
  • East Asian and Middle Eastern language support
  • Single file project backup and migration.
  • Survey import

You can download the tutorial from here:

Click Here



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